Sex life

Position your sex life to experience sex like never before

It is usual to do certain things in the same manner all the time. Some people don’t use to change the way they do certain things because they love doing it in such manner and don’t want to try different things. Some people use to bring changes as they feel bored to do certain things in the same manner repeatedly. Changes are good, as it will give new experience and it will be exciting and curious to try something new than doing it in the same way. This is quite more important in sex life also. If you are leading your sex life in the same way for long time, better try some new methods, or techniques or positions that can take you to the pinnacle of pleasure. Yes!!! Sex is a pleasure that should be enjoyed in different ways.

Change the position

If you want to spruce up your sex life with some additional or new flavors better try sex position that you have not tried before. There are beautiful and exciting positions to try. Why don’t you try it this time to see the difference. You will explore something different than usual in terms of pleasure and comfort. As you try different sex positions you will find the best and suitable positions that both you and your partner will feel comfortable and most enjoyable. If you don’t try different positions then it is not possible for you to have exciting sexual life. Such a sexual life will be normal with nothing interesting.

The usual but nice

Needless to say that this is most preferred sex position but still it is quite interesting sex position that gives you in depth pleasure for sure. The major reasons for the ecstatic pleasure in this position are that both the people can have proper eye contact and then he can go deeper in her. The penetration will be deeper. But doing this same for long time will be boring so keep it short and try other positions also. Some people try different positions and while ending they choose missionary as they feel comfortable in this and they want to enjoy the climax in this position.

Doggy style

Those who use doggy style say that they get intense pleasure in this. The major advantages of this position are the style and quickness. As she bends, you can penetrate from her behind and you can admire her curves. Men that try this position use to rub their hands on her butt to feel the pleasure. The grip would be perfect like no other as he can hold her hip as he pounds her. She will enjoy being in this style and she can lean on anything supporting her hands. On bed, on couch, on washing machine, on laundry etc likewise she can support her hand on anything to bend her and yield her ass to him. This can be standing and bending or kneeling on bed or on anything.

Side by side

This is also a style in which he penetrates from behind but by laying down by side. Both of them will lay by side and he will penetrate her with easy strokes. She can either leave her legs freely in a straight way or she can lift one of her leg upwards so that he can go deeper. It is all about comfort hence both should decide about having the legs. They don’t have eye contact on each other but he can caress and kiss her neck and back from behind. Some men as they do this, they will squeeze her boobs during pounding.

Reverse cow girl

The cow girl is really a fantastic sex position in which she rests on him in a sitting position but she sits opposite to him. She faces away from him and he faces her back. She takes the control as she rides him as she wishes to do. Most of the ladies that love cow girl will love this style as it gives them most enjoyable pleasure. As she pounds him, she enjoys this position with confidence and she has her time. Some times in order to feel the pleasure and the passion she will play with her boobs, squeezing it and rubbing it while she pounds him. He will feel the ecstasy as he loves her taking the lead and enjoying him.

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