How to have a one-night stand

Overnight relationships or one-night stands are acts that usually describe men’s relationship with commitment – emphasizing that it’s the last thing on their minds! Women, on the other hand, are normally presumed to better; as relationship builders, women are quick to make emotional attachments. Unfortunately, society has marked women as unable to hack casual sexual encounters.

But the times have changed and the rules of society are shifting. Both men and women are boldly engaging in casual sex outside the traditional confines of a relationship. Meet N Fuck which is the #1 app to meet n fuck a fuck buddy utilize a fuckbook to match you with a fuckbuddy. Apps like this are coming up every day. These days, having a one-night stand is as easy as getting into your phone, downloading one of the latest dating or hook-up apps, and choosing one from a roster of potential matches near you. Tinder is one of those apps that were specifically designed to match-up people looking for sex.

But although it is thrilling to engage in commitment-free relations, there are a few cardinal rules to remember in having one-night stands.

Don’t be afraid to look good. This is the first and perhaps the most important rule in having casual sex. Good grooming is critical in making, and hopefully, keeping physical connections. If one intends to get down and dirty, make sure that it’s only your thoughts that are. Remember to keep your privates clean – plus points if you keep your place tidy too. Keep in mind, sex isn’t limited to the bedroom so make the rest of your place rumpus-ready too.

Watch out for the Signs. Going out in bars and restaurants give the highest chances of getting laid. So, if you’re looking for a hook-up, make it obvious. When you’ve already set your eyes on someone and thinking of making the move:

  • Make sure they’re not with anyone.You don’t want to pester someone if they’re already with someone else.
  • Keep it casual:flirt, chat them up but no talks of goals in life or family drama. If one of you starts talking about that, it’s best to bolt while you still can. You’re looking for a one night stand not a partner for life.
  • Make sure that neither of you are too drunk to get it on.You’d want to know that the person you’re going with has their wits about them before taking them home. It’s best you know they’re making rational decisions before going with you.
  • No means no.Never force yourself to someone. If one of you isn’t into the other. Go. Be confident, there are other fish in the sea.

Your place or Mine? There are different lines of thoughts and really no hard rule in closing the deal. One end says that it’s better to be direct, boldly express your intention and just go for the kill; another suggests to get to a quieter location, build a sense of intimacy (without the sex) and lay the groundwork before bringing up the question. Whichever direction you choose, make sure that consensus is reached before you do.

Protection, Protection! There’s no acceptable excuse at all. Have sex with condoms. It’s a win-win situation. If the guy doesn’t have one make sure to get one on your way home. Never get too caught up in the moment and go all the way unprotected. No one wants a souvenir from this outing.

Make It Worth Everyone’s While. “Wham-bam, thank you ma’am!” is a no-no with one night stands. It’s not acceptable to be careless just because casual sex is a no-strings attached endeavor. Everyone wants to get laid and be satisfied. Work for it, bring the moves and get your groove on.

But Keep the kinky stuff for another time. If you’re into sexual experimentation, one-night stands are for you. Be confident to talk about your fantasies and push each other’s freak buttons on. But, none of the 50 shades stuff unless she specifically asks for it or you both agreed to try it. Keep your red-room fantasies on hold if one of you isn’t into it.

Honesty is Key. Be clear with your intentions and communicate what you’re looking for. If it’s only a one-night stand and nothing more, keep it simple and say it so. More importantly, say all that before getting them to bed. Make certain that each of you know what you’re getting yourselves into. Afterwards, don’t fake emotions too. Say you’ll call or text only if you actually intend to do so. Sending mixed messages only leads to confusion and increase the possibility of ending with someone hurt in the process. No one wants that right?

The Exit Strategy. End things on a high note. Make sure that you’ll both be able to walk out of the situation satisfied and with smiles on your faces. Rather than awkwardly walking off, make it light and be appreciative of your time shared. If needed, reassure that you will be discreet about the details of your night together.

One-night stands are thrilling. Still, casual encounters between two consenting adults should be bridled with mutual respect. Even if it’s an overnight romance, at least you made sure it was an unforgettable one. So stop just chasing tail and go start looking for a meaningful overnight relationship.